What does an owl eat

white owl holding prey

What does an owl eat

The owl is classified as a predator, which means that it is one of the predators that hunt small animals and then kill them. In order to eat it as a meal, and here we stop for a minute about what the owl eats and its characteristic foods. Therefore, on the zoolker website today we will show you all the foods that the owl eats, mentioning the correct way to raise it and the different types of it.



A brief introduction about the owl

The owl is a majestic nocturnal bird that feeds on meat, especially the meat of small animals or rodents. Therefore, it is considered a predator, which is a danger to small objects. She also stares with her eyes at the Prey at night, and then pounces on it with her paws, preys, kills and gradually eats it. Moreover, they are of different types and shapes so that their types are more than 225 species and they can live in more than one place. And most of all she has a sharp sense of hearing, which helps her to distinguish sounds for catching animals.

The native habitat of owls is South America and North America and they dig burrows in the ground to live in them. In addition, there are some species of them that live in abandoned nests or some of the old buildings. Moreover there are polar owls living in snow-laden places.



What does the owl eat and what food it feeds on

The difference in the food of owls is due to the difference in their species, but it is known about them and widespread among people that they are carnivorous. In the same vein, it can feed on rodents, reptiles and various amphibians, while also eating vertebrates and insects.


Description and general appearance of the albums

The owl is a bird that can be distinguished from all other birds because it has many different advantages, which are as follows:

It is characterized by a wide face that is arched relatively inward and therefore resembles a cup.
She has prominent and sharp-sighted eyes and is able to see only at night and the light is blocked from her in daylight hours. But in short, she cannot move her eyes left and right, but when she feels danger, she moves her head doubly once.
She has small ears in size with two large holes, but sharp hearing. And she can hear the hidden sounds from distant places, picking up mice, small geckos and grasshoppers. And this is an abbreviation for the question, ‘ What does an owl eat?’
It has legs that are characterized by strength because they have claws or severe nails to help it capture prey and eat it. In addition, some call the claws as clutches in some Arab countries.
It has soft plumage that covers most parts of the face, moving to the back, characterized by Gray and white, and also yellow on the belly.
They have a small and short body, they also have strong, thick and hooked beaks. Through which they injure the prey and kill it.
She has a high voice and a distinct throat that she screams with at night and thus annoys many people who live near her presence.


What does an owl eat with its different species

Little owl: this owl is called the Goblin owl, this is because it feeds on dedicated organisms such as beetles, locusts, scorpions and moths.
Big owl: this owl is considered one of the strongest species due to its huge size and large body. As a result, they are opportunistic and eat large pets, which are cats of all kinds and small dogs. In the same vein, squirrels, rabbits, mice and other similar animals are addressed.
Pet owl: this is one of the owls that are raised in homes by a human, and it is very difficult to change their character and behavior and treat them as a pet. But this happens as a result of proper nutrition, following certain diets and eating man-made customized foods. While eating animals, it is advisable to eat chickens and mice, and then urge them to be fed with vitamins and minerals before eating them.
Snow-White Owl: it is one of the species that has an attractive snow-white color and in the meantime it lives in the polar regions full of snow. Therefore, they feed on wild creatures such as prairie dogs, hares, geese, mice such as field mice, and so on.
Burrow owl: this owl builds a burrow in the ground and then relies on itself as it is small in size so it uses the burrow. It is one of the most widespread owls so far because it is scattered in most places and streets, and feeds on lizards, mice, beetles, in addition to small mice.
Horned owl: so named because of its large and distinctive horns swaying on its forehead, and most of all it feeds on mammals by up to 90%. Some of the objects that tend to eat them the most are waterfowl and hares.
Screech owl: this species feeds on live animals (moths, beetles, Scorpions, squirrels, as well as insects of all kinds, small and large).
Storeroom owl or barn owl: this species is characterized by the possibility of living in storerooms, abandoned houses and thus also forests. It is scientifically known about them that they feed largely on hedgehogs, rats and birds that are small in size.

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