What do turtles eat

brown turtle on body of water

What do turtles eat

Turtles are generally multi-breed animals, moreover, each breed type needs different foods from other breeds. As there are a lot of turtles that feed on plants, there are those who feed on living organisms, and others who feed on green leaves and meat. But the question of what turtles eat is always asked by many people who have a hobby of breeding turtles. Indeed, we will answer this question in the following paragraphs of the zoolker website.


Due to the different turtles, the quality of the food provided to them varies and is therefore not uniform for All Turtles. For example, there are sea turtles, amphibian turtles and land turtles, and they are all different in several factors. Moreover, their food also varies, so we will list the food that each species eats in detail in addition to providing all the information specific to this species. In the same context, it will be learned how to take care of her to the fullest by following several obligatory tips.


What do amphibian turtles eat

These turtles are characterized by coexistence with harsh climatic conditions, as during exposure to water they breathe easily with their gills. In case of exposure to land, she breathes properly through the lungs to breathe fresh air.

This type of turtle is characterized by its multiplicity, as it has many different species, which are represented by: (snapper turtle, spotted turtle, painted turtle, map turtle, musk turtle). Each of these species depends on its degree of heat tolerance and therefore possesses a Shell Shield that protects it from various dangers.


The food you feed on

This type of turtle feeds on living things, it really can eat small insects of all kinds and small worms. Moreover, he eats red meat of all kinds, chicken, tuna and Turkey. But it is desirable that it is a well-cooked food, in addition to being able to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

But you should not overdo or underestimate the amount of food to be eaten. They are determined by determining the age of the turtle and its own size.


What do small amphibian turtles eat

The young amphibian turtle is the product of the mating of male and female amphibian turtles with each other. Small turtles always feed on mollusks in the water, but if they are in homes, they are fed on the following (crabs, hedgehogs, water mollusks).


What do aquatic or marine turtles eat

Aquatic turtles the scientific concept of their name is that they are found in the seas in general and are therefore one of the carnivorous turtles that actually feed on meat. In addition, these meats are represented in seafood such as fish, jellyfish, shrimp, snails, in addition to crabs. But they also tend to eat various plants that they actually eat from the seas, for example (algae, sea sponges, seaweed, corals).

But in fact many people breed water turtles and turn them into domestic turtles. And they always wonder what turtles eat and do not hope to find the quality of food because it is based on seafood. In the meantime, we are heading to some of the foods that these turtles feed on, which are represented by both (nocturnal reptiles, cockroaches, earthworms of various types).

You should also take care of placing the food in clean utensils, taking into account its disposal during the passage of time, which may be up to an hour since it was placed. Because it is loaded with bacteria and germs and therefore causes diseases for domestic turtles.



What do wild turtles eat

One of the most widespread species of turtles, it is always found in all countries of the world. Since they are found among rocks, mountains and rock pits, on the other hand, they disappear throughout the winter period because they work on winter hibernation. Moreover, she has a shield to protect her and this means that she inserts her head with it during danger. In addition, they feed on plants and vegetables and can eat anything from home, for example (zucchini, lettuce, watercress …. Etc.). Moreover, she eats fruits such as berries, apples, manga, and you can cut the food into small pieces and serve it directly to her.

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