Types of small dogs that do not grow up

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Types of small dogs that do not grow up

Dogs are one of the most loyal and loyal pets to their owners, so everyone strives to acquire them. Everyone has a special predilection for some different breeds of dogs, depending on the nature of the breeder. And as such, different people are attracted to small dogs for being kind, calm-natured and already decorating the House. But, in the end, they are of many types and forms, so today we will talk at length about the types of small dogs that do not grow up during the next lines .

Small dogs are known for their attractive shape and long fur, they already have many characteristics that distinguish them from the rest of the breeds. As a result, they are considered decorative dogs because they are purebred breeds that have not been crossed or modified before. Most of all, she does not grow up and her growth stops upon reaching a certain age depending on the type and breed of the dog. And because many people want to raise them, today we will highlight the most famous types of small dogs that do not grow up with how to care for them.



The most famous types of small dogs that do not grow up

There are a lot of different types of small dogs that you can buy and have in your home. These types are each of the following:

* Poodles dogs.

The poodle is distinguished by intelligence, ability to absorb thoughts, constant movement and constant activity. Moreover, it has three different sizes in a row and really suits all tastes and inclinations.

* Duckling dogs.

He is characterized by activity, Vitality, skill, and also has a great ability to understand people and absorb their language, in addition to his company to his companion most of the time. On the other hand, he is characterized by shyness, especially from strangers, you may find him not moving or hyperactive while sitting with one of the new people. One of the most distinguishing features is that he can absorb training quickly and therefore does not overwork or tire his educator and therefore wants to learn new activities and skills.

· Puck dog.

As soon as you look at the buck dog, it occurs to you that he is old, due to the wrinkles on his face. He is a very distinctive dog and was called a pug dog because of the wrinkled skin of his face. The buck dog has many qualities that breeders are looking for, for example, it is one of the pampered dogs that accompany humans, it is also characterized by comedy and entertainment, and seeks to play and have fun constantly. It has several colors, but the most widespread is beige, accompanied by some dark brown spots in the face area, especially around the mouth. One of the disadvantages of the buck dog is to make a snoring sound during sleep, which causes inconvenience to people, so you should avoid sleeping next to it to prevent the noise that comes from it.

* Shitzo dogs.

One of the most attractive and elegant species, in other words, it has a double and dense fur and is characterized by soft and long hair. This means that he requires extreme daily care, in addition, he has wide, attractive eyes, a small nose, a very small arm and tail. It is one of the most famous types of small dogs that do not grow up and is called The Little Lion because of its dense fur. And most of all it is very safe for small children and does not harm their health, but rather does play with them without harm.

* Yorkshire terrier dog.

It is considered one of the famous and modern dogs, which has gained wide fame in recent times. He has an attractive figure that draws attention and attention to him as a result of the long hair and distinctive fur that he possesses. Moreover, he is distinguished by Blue, Black color and can keep his personal hygiene as long as possible. As such, all children love him and want to play and joke with him, he is not harmful to them, but guards him and protects them from any harm inflicted on them. Most of all, this breed has a strong character, does not intimidate anyone and is not characterized by cowardice at all, but is distinguished by courage and the ability to protect itself from enemies.

· Chihuahua dog.

It is considered one of the thinnest, kindest and smallest dogs all over the world and is able to adapt to changing environmental and climate conditions. Moreover, he is distinguished by loyalty and devotion to his owners, and on the other hand, he is very smart and can train and learn quickly. In addition, it is small in size and it is not difficult to carry it in places, so you can take it with you wherever you want.

* Boston terrier.

This type of dog is closer in shape to a pig, it has a compact body and a face that looks exactly like it. First of all, he is completely loyal and loyal to his owner, who raises him and has all his love, appreciation and obedience. Therefore, he is more able to absorb the training without grumbling or slow understanding, but he eats anything in front of him and chews. Therefore, it is better to avoid placing valuables next to him in order not to spoil and ruin them.

* Prague ratter dog.

It is one of the smallest types of dogs, reaching a length of about 23 centimeters in addition to a weight of 4 kilograms. It is characterized by some multiple colors such as black, brown and bronze and is widespread in the markets due to its interaction with others. He is a social being who does not like isolation or introversion at all, is suitable with children and can adapt and coexist with them in a short time. But in the end, he does not like cold temperatures, but prefers to be in a warm place because he is very sensitive to cold weather.

· Chinese Crested dog.

He is from one of the breeds of dogs that are small in size, characterized by calmness and super intelligence, and prefers to train them at an early age so that information penetrates into their minds. They reach a length of up to 30 cm, and may be less, and in the same context, their weight reaches 5 kilograms. In addition, it is quite widespread in China and neighboring countries and was nicknamed the crested dog due to the High size of its head and the height of its crest.

– All these breeds are not all types of small dogs that do not grow up, there are many, many of them. But we have singled out the famous and widespread breeds in the country, but certainly all breeds serve the same purpose. They are really easy to carry and therefore smart, and in the same context they serve to protect their owners from all dangers and difficulties.

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