The most expensive types of camels

brown camel on white sand during daytime

The most expensive types of camels

There are many types of camels around the world, because of the camel’s ability to withstand various environmental conditions and the most difficult ones, it can live in the arid desert very hot as well as it can live in the icy desert freezing cold.

The camel animal has been domesticated by man since the dawn of history, so it has a great place, especially in Arab history, and below we discuss the most important and most expensive types of camels.

First: Arabian camels

The Arabian camel is one of the most expensive and most famous types of camels, this species is of great value to the Arabs, due to the arid environment in which they live, so the camel was the most important animal in the Arab environment for its great ability to cover long distances without fatigue in addition to enduring hunger and thirst, which helped the Arabs in mobility, trade and sometimes Wars.

When talking about the prices of Arabian camels, we should first look at the purposes of buying camels, and their details are as follows:

1-Ebel Al Muzain

Its price is twice as high as the prices of ordinary camels, as its prices range from one to two million Saudi riyals, and it may reach more than that, and the word muzayn means camel beauty contests.

It is spread in the Arab Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, and the competition for the title of the most beautiful camels, and the value of prizes in some competitions may reach 10 million riyals.

2-The gnawed camel

It is purchased for the purpose of grazing, fattening, milk production and moving in the desert, and its price ranges between 15 thousand and 25 thousand Saudi riyals, and the price is determined by the age of the camel, its health condition, physical strength, size and weight, and the price also varies from female to male.

This explains the high prices of camels participating in them, which are sold through the display of large producers of camels of their farms at public auctions and the prices are high, because everyone wants to buy the best breeds to participate in the auction and compete for the title of the most beautiful camels.

Second: two-humped camels

The size of the two-humped Mountain is different from the size of the Arabian camel, for example, it reaches a height of 6 feet and its body length is 10 feet.. Its weight often ranges from 600 to 1000 kg, this species is used for grazing, commuting, and also for milk and meat production.

Lint is one of the most important factors that cause the high prices of two-humped camels, because of its versatility and because it is more abundant in that breed than the Arabian breed.. It has many uses, which we address as follows:

* It is often found on the camel’s body in the head, neck and shoulders area in Arabian camels, while the pile density increases in camels with two centimeters due to the coldness of their native habitat.

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