The best types of municipal dogs

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The best types of municipal dogs

Breeding dogs is one of the common habits of humans, so they are acquired in homes for the purpose of guarding or entertainment. Dogs by nature are one of the most loyal and loyal animals to their owners and in the same vein protect them from the danger of enemies. Therefore, there are many breeds and there are many types, but there is always a search for the best types of municipal dogs. Hence, we will shed light on this topic to learn about it in detail during the following paragraphs… Follow along with us.

Municipal dogs are one of the most widespread breeds in Egypt and are very common on the streets and are descendants of domesticated wolves. And most of all they do not belong to a particular breed because they are hybrids of more than one species and therefore different colors and shapes. And most of all she can rely on herself from personal hygiene, food and other such things. As such, they are used by people in the acquisition to endure hardship and to help protect and guard the house on an ongoing basis.



The most famous types of municipal dog breeds

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the municipal dog belongs to more than one different breed and therefore has a lot of species. For example, we will list you the best types of municipal dogs, which are each of the following:

* Municipal street dogs.

It is a very common Egyptian street dog and is characterized by large ears, a slender body and almost non-existent short-haired fur. They are considered rural dogs and are found in abundance in small Egyptian villages. When you buy any municipal dog from the street, you should conduct the necessary tests for him to make sure of his physical health. In order to block the spread of any bacterial infection to humans, it is better to be kind, compassionate and compassionate to the animal, allocate a place for food or drink and take care of them on the streets. Because street dogs are looking for food in waste bins, which are inevitably exposed to germs, loaded with bacteria and viruses, and therefore transmitted to humans with ease.

* Basenji or Congo dogs.

This breed counts the most famous of all in the quality of municipal dogs, and most importantly, it is the most used in hunting operations. Moreover, they are distinguished by curled and rounded tails raised on their backs. And therefore recently they have become quite widespread in the country of Africa and you can breed them for entertainment or amusement and then also guard. He is a very loyal and loyal dog, meanwhile he is sociable and friendly, interacts with people, forms a close bond with his owners and quickly becomes attached to them. As a result, and for its many advantages, it has become one of the best, most widely used and famous municipal dog breeds all over the world.

* Ibizan hunting dog.

The quality of these dogs is very similar to Wolves in terms of shape and is characterized by their superior jumping ability. In addition to its excruciating way of hunting for every skill and in the same context it is distinguished by loyalty and devotion to its owners. First of all, it was identified by its own pharaonic drawings in the ancient era because the Pharaohs relied on it for hunting animals and guarding. Moreover, it is a combination of two colors (red and white), it already tolerates hot and cold weather and adapts to climatic conditions. And most of all there is a belief that the Ibizan Hound was found from the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain.

* Greyhound dogs.

The municipal Greyhound is a type of dog that was once used for hunting prey and also for trade. So he became a keeper of the goods that merchants sell and buy. Meanwhile, some images of greyhounds have recently been found and have been appropriated as ancient Egyptian artifacts.

* Pharaonic Hound Dog.

It is a smooth-haired dog characterized by Brown and bronze color, has very long ears and is classified from one of the ancient breeds. In addition, he is distinguished by intelligence and the ability to hunt professionally, as a result of which he was assigned to hunting rabbits. But he definitely needs a lot of exercise for his ability to absorb at most and skillfully execute your commands.

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