The benefits of sugar for the Carrier pigeons

grey pigeon on flight above the lake


Sugar has a sweet, pleasant taste, which birds prefer and always want to eat, moreover, it opens the appetite of the fry for food. In the same vein, it helps to increase their growth and improve their physical strength. As a result, we will learn in detail during the next lines of the zoolker website about the benefits of sugar for pigeons and how to use it correctly.



A brief introduction to sugar

Powdered sugar is an artificial sweetener that gives a pleasant and mouth-watering taste to sweetened drinks and foods. It goes into many foods, especially sweets, chocolate, etc.and therefore it has many types. For example (icing sugar, frosting sugar, powdered sugar, granulated sugar ….Etc.). Most of all, it is widely available in markets and shops for its frequent use, in addition, it is extracted from sugar cane.




The importance of sugar for pigeons

Sugar has many different benefits for pigeons and other birds, as it helps the body physiologically for energy and then renews activity. And because the benefits of sugar for pigeons are multiple, we will highlight them today, and they are each of the following:

First: it renews the activity of all diets because it contains carbohydrates.
Secondly: it helps in killing harmful bacteria and germs and fights them from the body. Most of all, it secretes beneficial bacteria and helps their growth in order for the body to benefit from them permanently.
Third: it works to strengthen the immune system, in addition, it improves all body functions.
Fourth: it helps to open the appetite and increases the ability of pigeons to eat, moreover, it also fattens them.
Fifth: sterilizes and cleanses the body and helps get rid of common and inherited diseases among breeds.
Sixth: it helps in metabolism and improves the digestive system of the body. It also effectively manages to help digest food that is difficult to digest, moreover, it raises the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract.
Seventh: the bath dispenses with taking natural supplements because it stimulates the body to eat useful food without following any appetizing drugs.
Eighth: it is a natural antibiotic that enhances the body’s immunity and as such, diseases are prevented.
Ninth: raising the efficiency of the bathroom and maintaining the gutters.
Tenth: the bath helps to speed up during racing and exercises.



How to prepare sugar for the bath

There is only one way to take sugar to the bathroom in order to fully benefit from its benefits, and it is as follows:

– In fact, you should not overeat a lot of sugar for the bathroom in order not to have a negative reaction on the body. It is best to use it only once or twice a week to avoid its risks. All you have to do is add one tablespoon of sugar to a liter of water and then dissolve it completely until the water is desalinated. After that, it is placed in a clean vase and presented to the bathroom and as such the benefits of sugar for the bathroom will be taken advantage of without any harm.




Important notice

You should not overdo sugar-sweetened foods, soda, etc., especially in the case of salmonella infection or any of the other diseases, in order to avoid infection from stomach ulcers and intestinal diseases, it is better to use healthy sugar such as glucose and dextrose.

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