My cat is panting and breathing fast cause and treatment

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Breeders always wonder about my cat panting and breathing quickly, which is one of the phenomena that cats do not have. It is known and common among animals that dogs have this phenomenon and are constantly panting with their tongue sticking out. Especially immediately after exercise or hard exertion; but during panting, cats show some exclamation marks and a lot of questions. This is because cats by nature do not tend to gasp at all, except in some special cases, which we will get acquainted with during our article.

My cat is panting and breathing fast

It is a misconception among humans that a cat panting and breathing quickly is considered a pathological problem. But this is not true and it does not tend to get sick at all, which means that it is a physiological problem resulting from hard exertion. In the meantime, cats need to be exposed to complete rest for the disappearance of this phenomenon, which significantly affects the life span and, consequently, the overall health of the cat.

Today during our article we will answer in absolute detail about my cat panting and breathing rapidly. In the same context, we will show how to deal with this physiological problem and then maintain the health of your cat. Rapid breathing in all cats puts them into a noticeable anxiety attack and tension, and on the other hand, they deal violently with the people around them. Therefore, the matter must be addressed and controlled before the condition deteriorates and is exposed to some other problems.




Why do cats gasp and breathe so fast

There are many reasons why my cat manages to gasp in addition to rapid breathing. This is the result of several factors and hormonal disorders experienced by the female cat in particular. It is common knowledge among humans that cats are completely gentle and calm animals and do not produce any violent style from them. While my cat is panting and breathing rapidly, it is caused by exposure to several different causes, including physiological causes and pathological causes. Therefore, we will explain the reasons for the gasping of cats during the following lines, which are each of the following:

First: the stage of birth.

One of the common factors in cats of all breeds is exposure to panting and breathing quickly immediately after birth. As a result of the cat’s exposure to stress and strenuous exertion during the birth of her young, she actually enters a state of extreme distress during labor. Meanwhile, she expresses her noticeable fatigue by panting because she does not have the required breathing and is having difficulty during it.

Secondly: asthma.

Asthma is a chest disease that affects the lung and thus hinders the movement of the respiratory tract as usual. It is also a common occurrence in cats and is considered a chronic disease; moreover, it is accompanied by coughing, runny nose, some strong colds and other such symptoms. And most of all it is a negative reaction caused by the inhalation of certain harmful gases from the environment. This causes the cat’s Airways to narrow. In these cases, the cat has a feeling of rapid breathing and then avoids it by constantly panting and sticking its tongue out. In this way, asthma treatment is carried out in order to overcome the problem of my cat panting and breathing quickly.

Third: high or low temperature.

While cats are exposed to high temperature or cold also in the room in which they are. The cat resorts to panting in the hope of improving the heat of the atmosphere by evaporation. By nature, cats sit at a temperature of only 17 to 30 degrees, and in case of its rise or fall, they immediately resort to panting.

Fourth: playing a lot.

In the event that the cat constantly plays without rest or relaxation for a couple of times she feels stress. In the meantime, she gasps and breathes quickly in order to be calm and stable.

Fifth: some different diseases.

In the case of two cats panting and breathing quickly, it is caused by infection with some different diseases. For example, diaphragmatic hernia, which causes chest tightness in addition to vomiting and loss of appetite. Moreover, damage to the activity of the thyroid gland and some epidemics of the heart such as congestive heart. Exposure to anemia and infection with intestinal diseases such as worms, parasites and bacteria also cause gasping. Moreover, the incidence of diabetes, which hinders the breathing process in cats.



How to deal with cats while panting

There are a lot of different tips to follow while avoiding the problem of my cat panting and breathing too fast. As such, these symptoms are eliminated and are represented by each of the following:

At first, you should stay away from the cat while panting and making an annoying sound such as purring and others. This is in order to avoid any problem that causes you to be hurt and thus avoid any trauma.
Go to the vet during the appearance of any of the symptoms in order to periodically examine the cat’s body. In the meantime, various examinations and X-rays are performed to identify the main cause of rapid breathing and then immediately carry out treatment.
Take care to swallow several drugs that help a quick recovery. Similarly antibiotics and medications are suitable for diagnosing the pathological condition.
It is better to put the sick cat in a quiet, comfortable place away from loud noises and sounds during the treatment period. In the same context, take care to moderate the temperature of the place so as not to cause the room temperature to rise or fall and thus the cat to gasp.
Be careful to keep your cat away from other animals in order to avoid any bacterial infection that causes your cat’s breathing to become distracted.
In the case of an incurable condition that she cannot breathe quickly, she is placed on some ventilators. This is in the hope of good inhalation and expulsion of harmful gases from the lung and thus good breathing of the lungs.
Conducting some tests of calcium or iron deficiency, especially for pregnant cats, to improve their health status and then have a facilitated birth.
Make sure to consume large amounts of water throughout the day because water improves the movement of all body functions, including the respiratory system.
And finally during the transportation of the injured cat or kitten to the emergency or veterinarian. It should be placed in a specially designated box to avoid danger and injuries to your cat.


How to stop the gasping of cats

While watching my cat gasp and breathe quickly, some first aid should be done at home to induce hypercare for her. In other words, a special method is used to improve the health status of the affected cat, and as such, the following is done:

Take the cat or kitten to the bathroom and then put it under hot water to bathe. Additionally do the opening of hot water in the bath for at least ten minutes in a row. In order for it to be filled with steam that helps to relax the cat. And in the meantime breathing is better for a short time until going to the veterinary clinic.



In conclusion, we have now completely solved the problem of my cat panting and breathing rapidly in detail for everyone. And while there are any of the questions or other inquiries about the article. Feel free to list any comment to us and we will answer you immediately

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