Boiled eggs for cats

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Boiled eggs for cats

It is known that cats are pets and gentle animals and require extreme care when acquiring them in order to enjoy super health. Therefore, you constantly need to eat useful foods rich in calcium and protein. Not everyone is blessed with the exorbitant amounts of dry food and expensive dry foods. As a result, boiled eggs for cats are a suitable alternative to dispensing with dry food and then they are introduced in moderation into the main meals of your cat.

Today during the following paragraphs of we will explain in full detail the importance of boiled eggs for cats. With the identification of what it contains of important elements for the body and thus helps to strengthen the bones and claws of the cat. Cat food is not a hindrance or expensive at all, but it can be fed from human food such as fish, dairy, chicken, meat, in addition to eggs as well.




The main benefits of boiled eggs for cats

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, eggs are one of the popular and economical foods available in every home. On the other hand, it completely dispenses with canned food in addition to its multiple benefits, which are both the following:

First: it is rich in calcium, iron and various minerals that help strengthen bones and improve the physical health of cats.
Secondly: it helps in the metabolism of the body and then it helps the flexibility of the muscles.
Thirdly: it contains saturated fats and amino acids that are beneficial to health and therefore increase the rate of satiety hours and fill the stomach.
Fourth: it preserves red blood cells in addition to improving the freshness of the cat’s skin.
Fifth: it contributes to raising the percentage of iron in the blood and in the same context reduces the percentage of anemia and anemia in the body.
Sixth: it has a super ability to raise the immune system and in the meantime penetrates diseases and overcomes them.
Seventh: it has vitamin E, which is full of antioxidants, which help in maximum protection from cell damage.



Can cats eat raw eggs

Although eggs are good foods for health and give the body energy and vitality. However, it is preferable to cook it well before eating it because it may cause various digestive problems and diarrhea. Moreover, it hinders bowel movements because it causes a big problem during digestion. In addition, it contains salmonella, which is found in Whole Foods. In other words, it is a harmful bacteria transmitted through food that pollutes the body and causes several problems. And most importantly, they are found in abundance in egg yolks, so it is advisable to cook it thoroughly before eating and feeding it to the acquired cats. This is because a lot of studies have proven that eating raw eggs causes death to cats.



How often to eat boiled eggs for cats

The benefits of boiled eggs for cats are endless and despite this it is not preferable to eat them on a daily basis. Because eggs are full of calories and rich in calories, this means that one egg is up to 90 calories. First of all, the frequent consumption of eggs for cats causes obesity and a noticeable increase in weight hinders the movement of the cat. In the same context, it is rich in cholesterol and when it rises in the body, it harms it. As a result, it is advisable to take it only one to two times a week.



How to prepare eggs at home

The method of preparing eggs for cats is easy and not complicated at all, it is one of the simple recipes that can be prepared in more than one way; for example, the following:

Hard-boiled eggs.

A pot with water is put on the fire with the addition of a little salt and we bring it to a boil. After that, we put a medium egg in it so that it remains below the boiling point for at least ten minutes in a row. In order to complete the cooking process completely, then we peel the hard shell, which is a shell for the egg. It is then broken up into small pieces and served fresh in the designated pot without adding any spices.

Fried eggs.

A clean, dedicated pan is used for your cat and a little olive oil is added, Being rich in important elements. And then we break the egg, put what’s inside in the pan and stir well from the whites and yolks until the end of cooking. Moreover, you can add a little vegetables with eggs in order to increase the nutritional value of the meal and thereby saturate the cat for a long time and does not want to eat another food.

Scrambled eggs.

Eggs are beaten in a deep bowl with the addition of a little salt and then gradually add it to the cooked vegetables. This is in order to give a distinctive and delicious flavor to the food that is offered to your pet and help it grow quickly.



Is eggshell useful for my cat

There have been many rumors about eating eggshells for cats, it helps to strengthen ligaments and bones. But not all cats are suitable for this and it can cause them to have allergies or some other problems. Therefore, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian and consult him before starting to take it in order for your cat to enjoy permanent health and avoid difficult diseases that he may have.

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