Rottweiler dog food

It is quite natural that every living organism cannot live without food or drink because it helps it to grow properly. When buying a pet, especially dogs in general, it is advisable to adhere to the food that is served to them. Because dogs need to be fed for mobility and as such you manage to guard your home from dangers. Rottweiler food is no different from the food of all breeds because it is better to take care of the nutrients while mediating the amounts of food.

Today on the zoelker website and in the next lines of the article we will shed light on Rottweiler dog food and talk about it at length. This is because it is of concern to many breeders due to the strength of the structure of this breed and to improve the muscles of their body. For clarification, the origins of the breed are due to the ancient Roman mastiff dogs and most of all they were used to guard the camps of the Roman army with their company to protect them from the danger of enemies. Moreover, the Rottweiler dog is considered the most famous and common all over the world, and from here we will get acquainted with all the basic information during the breeding of this breed.




About Rottweiler dogs

This dog is characterized only by black color with dark brown eyes as well as golden markings on top of the eyes. Moreover, he is distinguished by ferocity and strength and is considered one of the best and most famous guard dogs. First of all, it has its origin in Germany and was discovered there in 1800 AD, and in the same context it was used by the Romans to guard the camps of their army. On the other hand, it was used for traveling and then guarding sheep and cattle during sudden trips.

One of the most characteristic features of Rottweiler dogs is courage, physical strength, as well as their ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and high temperatures. She also has intelligence, the ability to grasp things and execute orders without grumbling or hooliganism.




How to feed the Rottweiler breed

While breeding a Rottweiler, you need to take good care of his nutrition because he needs high-quality food in addition to dry food as well. Indeed, it is necessary to ensure the quality of food and ensure that it is provided with all the various nutrients to provide it with sufficient health and prolong its shelf life. First of all, while feeding a Rottweiler puppy, the breeder must feed him protein at a minimum rate of 20% during the day. Because protein is one of the nutrients that provide the dog with energy and activity and therefore makes it tolerate exercise and running for long periods. The best protein for Rottweiler dogs is meat of all kinds because the dog needs a balanced diet that is free of processed fats and therefore rich in healthy fats that improve his physical and mental health.




Rottweiler dog food by age

While feeding the Rottweiler, you have to mediate the amounts of food, and in the meantime, the amount is determined by the age of the dog. A small puppy eats less food than a large dog to avoid weight gain, which reduces the movement of the Rottweiler. Therefore, we will show you how to feed him by age, which consists in both:

* First: food for newborn dogs up to three months.

It is known that newborn animals do not eat any food and therefore are dependent on Mother’s milk for two continuous months. And then we make sure to offer high-fiber foods because the puppy’s stomach does not tolerate heavy food and as such the dog relies on eating mashed potatoes, vegetables and dry food. In addition to dairy, dairy products, foods mixed with water, most of all the amount of food is minimal and is served 5-6 times a day.

* Second: from three months to six months.

Protein is introduced into the puppy’s food at the age of three months, then it is started with a light protein such as boiled eggs. And then you should rely on animal protein and similarly meat, poultry, fish and others. Because they are already two of the foods that give the puppy strength and activity and in the same context help build the body and increase its growth rate in a healthy way. Most of all, meals are gradually reduced and on the other hand up to three to four times a day.

* Third: from six months to a year old.

During this period, the Rottweiler is treated as an adult, so she needs a healthy, balanced and full-calorie food. In addition, the number of meals is reduced and is an average of three times a day in order to avoid overweight and obesity.

ยท Fourth: dogs older than a year.

This stage is called the stage of youth and in the meantime it is fed only twice a day. Moreover, great attention is paid to the elements contained in food and emphasis is placed on minerals, which are represented by iron, calcium, phosphorus and others.

* Fifth: large dogs in age.

This is considered the aging stage of dogs that begins from the age of 10 years. As a result, it is advisable to feed the Rottweiler foods rich in fiber and natural vegetables in order for it to become easy to swallow and not indigestible either. In the same context, the improvement of body functions, especially the digestive system, is carried out. To clarify, it is necessary to ascertain the value of the food provided to the old Rottweiler. Rottweiler food at this age contributes to strengthening the immune system, which protects against various diseases and, consequently, also improves health.

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